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If you’re over about the age of forty or fifty, you couldn’t have helped but notice that Americans are dressing in a much more casual style than they once did. Gone are the days when a man was expected to wear a collared shirt most of the time. These days, business casual is the word and most people feel free to wear pop culture emblazoned items like a Ninja Turtle costume shirt to events that once would have been considered very formal.

And while this change of attitude may not sit well with everyone, it seems as though it’s here to stay. Turning back the clock on matters like a dress code can be extremely challenging. It’s even harder to get people to dress up in formal clothes when the Great Recession is taking a serious chunk out of their weekly paychecks.

Still, no matter how casual our society becomes, people should remember that not every event is the proper place to bust out that fabulous new NCIS Hat or Hangover t-shirt. If you’ve been to a funeral lately, you know that this is no exaggeration.

We need to renew our national dialogue about what’s appropriate to wear, and when , and then we can find some middle ground.





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